Top 10 Holiday Destinations in 2017

2017 top travel infographic

Wondering where to go on your next holiday? Every day, hundreds and thousands of people across the UK search the web for the ideal getaway. And with a new year, comes a new batch of amazing locations you can visit. Take a look at this infographic of the top holiday destinations for 2017 by I Can Park And Ride. Read more »

The Best Airport Transfers in Europe

Airport Transfers infographic

A recent trend in travel is for budget airlines to offer cheap flights to low cost terminals, separate to a city’s main terminal. This often appears as an attractive option, but often these terminals are so far away from the city that the extra time and transfer cost doesn’t make it worth it. Ebookers researched all the transport options from the 50 most popular airports […] Read more »

Top 15 Beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza Beaches

This is a list of the 15 most beautiful, iconic and popular beaches in Ibiza, which are famous world-wide as major holiday destinations. This infographic was created by the real estate agency Kelosa, based in Ibiza for more than 25 years. “Beautiful” is a trait given to beaches with unspoiled natural landscape and sea floor. “Iconic” refers to beaches in some way representative of Ibiza, […] Read more »

Talking Filipino – A Traveler’s Cheat Sheet

filipino languages infographic

The Philippines is made up of thousands of islands and is home to more than 150 languages! But the two main languages are Tagalog and Cebuano. If you are planning a trip to the Phillipines, using this Filipino travel guide will help you enrich your experience by being able to communicate. Talking Filipino – A Traveler’s Cheat Sheet Graphic created by HomeAway Philippines Read more »

Top 10 Places We’d Love to Put a Stair Lift

top places for stairlifts

Attractions such as Big Ben and the Great Wall of China are truly amazing, but they would be even better if they had stair lifts so that people with mobility problems could also enjoy them. Age UK Mobility has therefore created a list of the top 10 places in the world where a stair lift would be a great idea. Implementing a stair lift is not […] Read more »

Which Countries Allow U.S. Citizens to Visit the Longest?

International Travel infographic

This infographic is for those suffering from wanderlust and who don’t quite know where to begin. It includes a list of places you could kickstart the traveler’s lifestyle without the hassle of paperwork. Many countries offer easy passage through their borders to Americans but not many of them will treat you like the countries listed below. As a U.S. national you get to stay in any […] Read more »

A Guide to Travel in Indonesia

Indonesia travel infographic

If you close your eyes and imagine tropical paradise, where do you think of? In terms of sheer abundance of tropical locales, Indonesia lays claim to the title of having the most insane variety of options. Stretching for nearly the same length as Russia – but along the equator and in the middle of the ocean – Indonesia is a vast stretch of paradise comprised […] Read more »

10 Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Japan

Japan travel infographic

Many travelers know one fact about Japan and that is – it’s an expensive country to visit. Although this is true, it is not necessary for tourist in Japan to feel that the country is ridiculously expensive and out of reach. Have you heard about the manga cafe and capsule hotels in Japan? Or taking a night bus if you plan to go from one prefecture […] Read more »

Top Global Travel Trends of 2015

2015 Travel trends infographic

This infographic focuses on top global travel trends observed across the travel verticals. Wearable devices such as Google Glass and Apple watches have recently gained momentum. Without a doubt, these products have a pretty bright future. Peer-to-peer dining is a travel trend where visitors are offered meals and lessons. Along with these, other trends are rewards for sharing online, rise in cycling and design led poshtels. And […] Read more »