Internet Connectivity Around the World

Internet connectivity has become an important part of our lives. It is now like any other utility – food, Electricity, gas etc. has created an infographic that covers some interesting facts about broadband usage and statistics all across the World. Did you know that only 4.76% of the world’s population has access to broadband i.e. only 15 out of 100 internet users and this number is growing at the rate of 42% per year. Majority of broadband users (more than 63%) are using DSL for accessing broadband. Whereas 20% are using cable broadband providers and 14% users are using optical fibers.

According to Cisco, Global internet data traffic will increase by four times by 2015. South Korea was first country to do a complete conversion from Dial-up to Broadband. The world’ fastest residential broadband connection is in Sweden. SigbrittLöthberg’s home enjoys a broadband connection of 40 Gigabits per second that is sufficient for watching 1500 HDTV channels seamlessly at same time or to download a normal size DVD in just 2 seconds.

61 cities out of top 100 cities with fastest broadband are from Japan and 18 are from USA.

Poland has the most expensive broadband with average price of $13/MBPS whereas Japan offers the cheapest broadband service at $0.27/MBPS

Broadband Users In The World - Facts and Statistics
Infographic by- Beijing Web Designers

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