Beneath the Veil: A Closer Look at the Muslim Ban

muslim ban infographic

Genocidal dictatorships always come in stages, and what starts as a yellow star easily leads to the “group shower of no return”. History shows that not much has changed for the aspirant Deep State. In 2017, it’s business as usual for the American establishment. Whether it’s the Trail of Tears, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, or Executive Order 9066, Trump’s Muslim ban follows a bipartisan legacy […] Read more »

Riots of the 21st Century

21st Century Riots Infographic

Historically, riots leave us with more questions than answers. Why do they happen? What makes them turn from peaceful demonstrations to violent uprisings? Can riots be predicted or prevented? Social media, bias and partisan media, politics, and incorrect information being spread are just some of the factors that lead to intensified situations. Below you’ll find some hard data on recent riots, similarities in crimes between them, […] Read more »

Social Work and the Ideals of Social Justice

Social Justice Infographic

The news has been filled with issues of race, religion, gender equality, and many other topics of social justice. Social justice is the idea that every person deserves equal opportunities in every facet of life. The University of New England helps us understand the role of social workers in the world of social justice including equal political rights and opportunities (including civil rights), equal social rights and […] Read more »

Deloitte UK Budget 2013

Deloitte UK Budget 2013 - Infographic

  Deloitte presents winners and losers at a glance The Budget 2013 The Budget 2013 Winner and Losers of 2013 Deloitte have produced the Budget 2013 Winners and Losers at a glance infographic to detail the principal parts of society who will gain and lose financially for the 2013 Budget. The budget announcement was made by George Osborne on Wednesday 20th March 2013 on behalf of the coalition […] Read more »

United States Presidential Inaugurations

United States Presidential Inaugurations - Infographic

The tradition of Presidential Inaugurations dates back to 1789 when President George Washington was sworn in as the country’s first president following the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War. President Obama will begin his second term as the 44th President of the United States on January 20th, 2013, and in honor of the event,, a national tutoring service, has created a visual representation of […] Read more »