Bizarre Christmas Injuries

More than 80,000 people a year are injured or hospitalized due to injuries they sustained during the Christmas season. These injuries vary from small cuts, burns and falls; however in many cases they can be somewhat severe The team at Suncorp Life Insurance have compiled the most bizarre Christmas injuries we all want to avoid during this Christmas season. That Christmas cracker may look like innocent fun, […] Read more »

8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store

This infographic provides an in-depth look at what causes the App Store’s sales to soar during the holiday season, and how app developers can make the most of the year-end spending frenzy to drive app downloads. The information graphic provides insight and guidance on planning an App Store strategy for the holidays to make sales hit new highs. It has been specially designed for app […] Read more »

Adolescent Marijuana Smoking Statistics

How many teens are smoking pot? Find out who’s toking here. Plus, information about the real harms of marijuana, including the long term effects of smoking pot, especially on the brain after adolescent initiation of use (weed affects IQ). And a short section on how to intervene with teenagers in order to address drug abuse problems. Most pot smokers deny that smoking marijuana affects health […] Read more »

The Many Faces of Content Marketing

Mediarun have been working in content marketing for a number of years. In this time they have had to deal with a great variety of different personalities and job descriptions. We thought it would be amusing to share their creation of 12 cartoons of 12 types of content marketers. They produced this piece of work in conjunction with Chris Ollis, the artist and animator who runs […] Read more »

DIY Home Improvement: Powering Up with BLDC Motors

Americans use BLDC Motors more than they may know – especially when they tackle a home improvement project. Brushless DC motor technology has advanced, allowing power tools to become more efficient and durable. This infographic from Sinotech examines home improvement in America, the power tool industry and the history of the development of BLDC motors.   Original Source: Read more »

13 Christmas Crackers Yule Never Believe

Christmas is an exciting time of the year. With gifts, decorations, music, movies and songs there’s more than enough festive activity to keep us busy! But if you think you’re busy at Christmas then take a second to think of our good friend Santa Claus; he has to deliver presents to 822 homes every second on Christmas day! I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun festive […] Read more »

Industrial Dust Control Prevents Explosions and Serious Hazards

Did you know that a dust explosion occurs every week? Industrial dust control is essential in preventing these situations. A dust layer of just 1/32″ thickness over 5% of the floor can cause a very destructive explosion. As a result of inadequately addressing this hazard, there have been 281 incidents and 119 people killed since 1980. Furthermore, nearly 2 million US employees are exposed to […] Read more »

Do Movie Studios Matter?

Think of some of the movies you’ve seen in theaters in the past year. You can probably recall the genres and themes almost immediately, and probably some of the actors. Do you know what movie studio produced each movie, though? I bet not so easily. iAcquire and SurveyMonkey wanted to know what affects people’s decisions of whether or not to go to the movies. What […] Read more »

Office of the Future

It may seem like these ideas come straight from science fiction movies, but realistically, technology is allowing employees to spend more time working remotely, aided by some very advanced tools. From 2005 to 2012, teleworking has increased 79.7%. By 2016, it’s estimated that there will be 3.9 million teleworkers in the United States. With fewer office spaces needed, furniture like cubicles has seen a steep […] Read more »

64 LinkedIn Networking Tactics

LinkedIn is unlike any other social network. Part networking meeting, part trade show, part advisory board, it’s the optimal network for business-to-business professionals to meet, network, and work together to create win-win opportunities. The Ultimate LinkedIn Networking Infographic outlines 64 tactics in eight categories: combine them for a possible four million unique networking strategies. The categories are: Profile. If you’re reaching out to potential partners, […] Read more »