Automobiles and the Environmental Impact

Automobiles And The Environmental Impact Infographic

Most of us want a better planet. This infographic of automobiles and the environmental impact. Below you will see the influence of the car. The U.S. has 30% of the world’s cars and the U.S. only consumes only 25% of the world’s oil but we only have 5% of the world’s population. I never thought that Quatar would produce most of the world’s emissions per […] Read more »

How Education Can Affect Your Income

How Education Can Affect Your Income - Infographic

We have all heard it for many years now of how the more education you have the more you will make. While there is the exception of people that dropped out of high school, college, or never went to college and became wealthy they are the exception and not the rule. Sadly when most people graduate college they think they are entitled to gobs of money, they […] Read more »

History of the Text Message – Infographic

History Of The Text Message Infographic

I remember when nobody texted and then when a text cost 10 cents. Now I have unlimited texting and my family and friends text me all the time. Nobody talks anymore, they only text.  On Dec 3rd 1992 the first text message was sent and the best part about it – “Merry Christmas” was all it said. The first time I started to text was […] Read more »

Students Using Technology

Students Using Technology Infographic

When I was in college I loved everything tech. I graduated college in 2009 and when I started in 2006 I used the library for everything. As school progressed for me I saw the light to having my own computer, my first iPhone, I had the first version. In fact I have had every version since the first one came out. I bought my first […] Read more »

Going Mobile With Your Pet – Infographic

Going Mobile With Your Pet Infographic

When I take care of my awesome cocker spaniel I want to make sure he is safe and surprisingly handy is my smartphone. In the infographic below you will find some great apps to keep your 4 footed friends safe. There are 13 apps, some show grooming tips, tracing your pets health, locate awesome dog parks, pet food and best of all pet-friendly dog hotels. Hopefully […] Read more »

64 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing – Infographic

64 ways to improve your twitter marketing infographic

Twitter has been around since 2006 but most people did not get on it. I have a friend who has been on it since about 3 months after it started, then it was just tech nerds. Now major brands and businesses are on it each and everyday promoting their products or services. Below you will see that the topics have been broken down into an easy […] Read more »

The Real Cost Of Dating – Infographic

The Real Cost Of Dating

Some might say that I am cheap when I dated. I only ever spent no more then $40 on a date. If I could swing it for less I would. The least amount I have ever spent on a date is about $12 and I took her to Jamba Juice. That date turned out to become my wife. Too many men take their dates on […] Read more »

Travel Tech and In Flight WiFi Usage Trends – Infographic

Travel Tech and In Flight WiFi Usage Trends - Infographic

Like Frank, I like to travel and when I do I need my MacBook Pro, iPad, & my iPhone4S to keep me company. When  had to fly back east a few weeks ago I had to go for business an being a frugal kind of guy I could not afford the better seats in the front. I was lucky enough to be on a flight […] Read more »

Anatomy Of A Smart City – Infographic


The anatomy of a smart city infographic is a visual representation of how the world is becoming urbanized. It used to be that people lived on the farms and now people are moving to city life. The environmental impact of so many people moving into centralized locations can become a burden upon the local infrastructure. The safety, transportation, utilities, building all lead to the environmental impact upon the city. As we […] Read more »

20 Strangest Sex Laws – Infographic

20 Strangest Sex Laws Infographic

If you thought things were weird where you live just wait till it comes to sex. You can scan this infographic for the humor that is in it and get a few good laughs and praise that you do not live there. The middle east it is forbidden for a male gynecologist to look at a woman’s genitals directly, he has to use a mirror. Better yet it is illegal to […] Read more »