Different Web Design Style Guides

web design styles infographic

Did you know that the design of your website can impact visitors the moment they visit your site? No wonder so many business owners hire web designers to engineer the most effective design for their websites. Any web designer understands that having technical skill is not enough. The internet is always growing and everything can be outdated at any time so it’s important for a […] Read more »

Is Your Business Protected From Cyber Attacks?

cyber crime infographic

No business, no phone, no information is safe from the threat of a cyber attack. Hackers, scammers, and criminals are increasingly looking toward the internet as a means of illegal financial gain. Each year, cyber crime continues to rise as more of our most delicate data makes its way to the cloud. This criminal entity of the internet is particularly concerning for small businesses, who […] Read more »

8 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Get Traffic

Website traffic infographic

Worried about your site not getting traffic? We all know that traffic is important to a website’s success and it’s needed to get a return on investment. Because no matter how great your website’s design is, if there are no people visiting, then it’s pointless. It’s just like having a physical store with no customers. There are many reasons why your website is not getting […] Read more »

Best Colors to Use on Your Website

website colors infographic

Your website’s color scheme is one key factor that can improve the user experience while visiting your website. The wrong color combination often turns off visitors, while a well-thought out color scheme can help speak the message you want to convey to your audience. If you are having a hard time deciding what colors to use, then here are some helpful tips: Read more »

What Affects Your Internet Speed

internet speed infographic

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds, it might be time to take a look at some of the factors that can negatively affect your online experience. This infographic outlines what the ten most likely causes of slow internet are, giving you what you need to know to make sure you correct them. It bullet points wi-fi vs. ethernet, hardware, spyware, modem/router unit, wi-fi router location, […] Read more »

Reasons Your Website Sucks

website infographic

There are number of reasons why your website sucks. We may say you missed one of the important rules along the way, but you can straighten up these mistakes and set a new target. Utah Sites gathered an observation of “what not to do” when building your own website and how it will be efficient, optimize and easy as it is. To start with, you […] Read more »

Practice Makes Privacy: 2016 Data Breach Statistics and You

data breach infographic

In today’s world, internet security is of the utmost importance. From technology companies, to healthcare providers to the government, information privacy is needed to not only protect organizations, but also those that they serve. In 2016 alone, there were over 500,000,000 data breaches, up 40% from 2015. In order to minimize the amount of security breaches, it’s up to all of us. There are many […] Read more »