CPF Investment Guide For Singaporeans

cpf investment infographic

Here’s an infographic flowchart of how Singaporeans are able to use their CPF (Central Provident Fund) to invest. The chart basically guides Singaporeans with CPF to find out if they are able to invest using their CPF. The CPF (Central Provident Fund) is a mandatory social security savings scheme funded by contributions from employers and employees in Singapore. It is like a 401(K) plan for […] Read more »

5 Ideas You Can Use to Invest on a Low Budget

investment ideas infographic

As you can seen in the infographic we have five ideas for investments with low budgets. In order to participate in any of these investment ideas you will only need a small amount of money to get started. The ideas include: paying your debt, investing in index funds, investing in real estate, making your electric bill shrink and improve the energy efficiency of your house, and opening a […] Read more »

Fundamental Analysis Vs Technical Analysis

Business Analysis Infographic

Are you confused about whether to opt for fundamental analysis vs technical analysis? Don’t be. You only need 90 seconds to clarify your doubts. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis have some similarities but there are major differences between the two. You will acquire different types of skills, you will study different topics, and you will get different job prospects. Take a look at the infographic […] Read more »

Zen Assets Vs Traditional Players

Investment Consulting Infographic

Zen Assets is a new age investment management service that offers investors considerable benefits such as professional advice, industry-proven methodology, complete transparency about fees and higher accessibility. Zen Assets eliminates overhead traditionally associated with investing by applying cutting-edge technology. As a result, you get unbiased advice for a much lower cost. Tired of paying huge fees to your underperforming human advisor? Switch to Zen Assets […] Read more »

4 Investment Strategies to Grow Your Wealth

Investment Strategies Infographic

You’ve probably heard that it is important to start saving for retirement while you are young. You don’t have to be wealthy to start investing and the team at Motif Investing has provided 4 tips to grow your wealth in this infographic. From tips showcasing the small amounts that add up to diversifying your portfolio, these suggestions can help give you an edge toward meeting […] Read more »

Use the Force: The Power of Compound Interest

Compound Interest Infographic

Compound interest can seem like a mysterious force. However, it is one of the most powerful forces within finance. The following infographic showcases how you can master this “force” just like a Jedi. Learn how time is your ally when it comes to long-term investing and how small contributions can make a big difference. But like the force, it has its dark side. The same […] Read more »

Rise of the Forex Empire

When people hear the term Forex Market, they might immediately visualize the crunching of numbers in busy work cubicles, Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, and of course the different currency pairs that these brokers need to master – ah, insert colossal headache here! To put things simply, the Foreign Exchange Market is a marketplace in which currencies from all […] Read more »

Investment Opportunities Projections for 2014

Online Trading Academy, a leading source for investor training, has come up with a list of what’s hot and what’s not for investment opportunities for 2014. The trading academy has 34 financial educational centers all over the world and they also have a full online curriculum. The investment opportunity forecast for 2014 are from some of their top traders. From the hot traders, like the […] Read more »

Budgeting Tips for $100: Ten Smart Ways to Spend and Save

Budgeting Tips for $100: Ten Smart Ways to Spend and Save - Infographic

Many times in our life we are given money or earn money. What is the best thing to do with the money? Should be save it or invest it? These are all questions that I’m sure everyone of us has asked ourselves at one time. Thanks to this awesome infographic by Citizens Bank, we will all get some direction. One of the things you can […] Read more »