6 Ways to Have Better Technical Support Ticket Management

Technical Support infographic

We all use lists in our everyday lives. From shopping lists to checklists to yearly planners, lists make it easier for us to tackle things in a more organized and convenient manner. In the field of customer service, implementing checklists can be an effective way to maximize a company’s resources, and at the same time, improve the overall customer experience. How? For instance, you can […] Read more »

The IT- Freelance Market in 2016

freelance infographic

Have you ever wondered how freelancers are positioned in the international market? How much do freelancers charge? Are current freelancers satisfied with their situation? Or what challenges do freelancers face? Based on a survey by FreelancerMap this infographic summarizes the most interesting facts about the IT freelance market in 2016.   Read more »

IT and the Internet: The Last 30 Years

Internet Timeline Infographic

Have you ever asked yourself how the Internet and Information Technology (IT) developed so fast in the last few decades? Or maybe you’ve wondered who the people were who invented the digital tools we now take for granted? We are in the middle of a technology revolution, which keeps reinventing itself faster and faster. The infographic below, “IT And The Internet: The Last 30 Years,” provides insights […] Read more »

UK IT And Telecoms Industry At A Glance – Infographic

UK IT And Telecoms Industry At A Glance - Infographic

In the United Kingdom, the IT & Telecoms industry is massive! There are over 144,000 workplaces in just the UK IT & Telecoms industry alone. How is it broken down? 87% IT 13% Telecoms The IT & Telecoms industry in the UK is worth &% billion euros to the UK economy. Good IT & Telecom jobs to be recruited for are: 67% managerial and senior […] Read more »