Life Cycle of a Data Center

data center lifecycle infographic

Businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from a reliable IT infrastructure and the many benefits it offers. Today, more and more organizations are turning to data centers to upgrade their business processes, while at the same time, reduce the downtime that impedes their workflow. A data center is a facility composed of different structures, including a series of networked computers and a storage use to […] Read more »

New 2014 Perspecsys Cloud Trust Survey

Cloud Data Infographic

Perspecsys recently conducted a survey at InfoSec Europe 2014 in regards to the U.S. based clouds of more than 100 IT Security Pros. Interestingly over half of the European IT Security Professionals that were surveyed, don’t fully trust U.S. based clouds. Are these responses justified? Take a look below at the percentages and information on the infographic below and see for yourself. Cloud Trust graphic […] Read more »

History of Data Storage

If you remember just a few years ago you will remember how much a flash drive cost. I remember when 125mb was $25 and now you can get a 32GB thumb flash drive for that same price. People started storing data in books back thousands of years ago, now they store it in flash drive that can fit on your keychain. From paper to current […] Read more »