The 5 Most Common Failure Modes of Solenoid Valves

This infographic by shows the most typical failure modes of solenoid valves with tips on how to solve it. To prevent the malfunctioning of solenoid valves, you have to pay attention to the following during installation: Make sure the threads and the pipe are clean and completely deburred. Dirt particles may cause the valve to leak. Pay attention to the flow direction of the […] Read more »

The Smart Home: Trends and Benefits

smart home infographic

The smart home trend has been growing in popularity, with more American homeowners choosing to automate everyday functions for their homes. These functions include lighting, security, entertainment and climate control. An estimated 45 percent of those who are choosing to remodel their homes also choose to add on at least one smart device. Smart home devices include any aspect of the home that can be […] Read more »

How to Find Spy Software on Your Mobile Device

spy software infographic

Have you ever had that sneaking suspicion that someone is spying on your cell phone? You might not be too far from the truth. With the latest developments in technology this problem is becoming much more common, with many apps now available online. has designed this infographic to be used as a quick guide for signs to look for. You know your phone better […] Read more »

Will Robots Eventually Steal Jobs From Humans?

Robots infographic

In the history of man we have already gone through radical changes in society. The Internet and mobile technology has changed the way we behave socially, and now the future is seeing robots being employed in simple tasks as secretaries, fast food workers, waiters, drivers, etc. In order to stay ahead of the game, man will have to develop and increase his own abilities to […] Read more »

AngularJS vs. ReactJS – Which Front End Technology is the Best?

Front End development infographic

AngularJS and ReactJS, the favorites among front end developers, have some clear-cut features that distinguish them from other technologies and makes them very interesting. Developed by Google and released in 2009, AngularJS is a web application framework used to build dynamic apps. ReactJS, on the other hand, released in 2013 and developed by Facebook, is a JavaScript library used to build dynamic user interfaces. AngularJS, […] Read more »

Amazing Uses of Drones

Drones infographic

Drones are becoming very popular these days because of their helpful and useful nature in completing various tasks and activities. In addition to all the hobbyists who use them for leisure purposes, they are used in many arenas like delivery, photography, etc. All reasons this infographic was created so you can take a sneak peek at some of the amazing and interesting things drones can […] Read more »

The State of Corporate Data Security 2015-2016

status of data security infographic

One annual tradition of tech researchers is the tracking of the latest trends and revealing the status of data security. This is due to the fact that this information matters to the IT companies that process our data, and also to consumers like us. Consequently, the state of data security for companies and organizations is treated by research centers and institutes as a necessity for […] Read more »

Solar Power Breakthroughs

Solar Power History infographic

What exactly are Photovoltaic cells? We’ll give you a hint. They have to do with solar power. DBM Solar created this infographic about the history of Photovoltaic cells, which reveals some of the most important breakthroughs that paved the way to revolutionize solar technology. Original infographic provided by DMB Design. Read more »

Could You Be Stranded For Days and Survive?

survival infographic

Imagine you’re cruising along a gravel road with only nature in the rearview mirror and no urban clamor for miles. Then, unexpectedly, the warning lights flicker on your dashboard, and the car screeches to a dead halt. As nightfall approaches and the temperature drops, your anxiety levels rise. Are you prepared to survive getting lost in the middle of nowhere? Well, this infographic from Atlanta […] Read more »

Advantages of Biometric Security

biometric security infographic

Biometric security is on the rise in this new age of technology. With the prevalence of data hacking, biometric security is becoming a more common option to protect the things that need protecting. Compared to traditional security barriers like logins, passwords, and scan cards that are often compromised, biometric security authentication techniques rely on characteristics that are difficult to replicate. Think facial recognition, fingerprinting, iris […] Read more »