Life Cycle of a Data Center

Businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from a reliable IT infrastructure and the many benefits it offers. Today, more and more organizations are turning to data centers to upgrade their business processes, while at the same time, reduce the downtime that impedes their workflow.

A data center is a facility composed of different structures, including a series of networked computers and a storage use to store, manage and disseminate large volumes of data. Businesses rely heavily on the services and data housed within its structure, that’s why it’s no surprise to find that the security of data centers is a top priority among organizations.

Today, data centers may seem so technical. But, a look into its life cycle will prove that it’s less complex than it may appear and a white paper published by European automation company, Schneider Electric proves that.

In this infographic, INOC, a leader in the NOC services industry provides a graphical representation of the life cycle of a data center that will simplify the information that you have to know.

data center lifecycle infographic

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