Tips to Survive a Nurse Practitioner Program

Nurse Practitioner program infographic

Embarking on a nurse practitioner program is no joke. At times it can be exhausting, not to mention the pressures you may feel from family obligations and from your peers. You must be determined to learn and understand the broad scope of the courses. It takes a lot of hard work and training, and there are no shortcuts to reach the end. How do you […] Read more »

Choosing a Course of Study

College Course Study infographic

This new infographic from the University of East Anglia has been designed to help future university students decide which course (or courses) would be the right choice for them. Students will follow a series of questions to help them narrow down their options from any course in any field to the courses that will take up the five places allotted by the UCAS application process. […] Read more »

Your Career in the Fashion Industry

education needed for a fashion career

Have you always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer? Don’t know where to start to get your first job in the industry? If that is your case, this infographic is right for you. The graphic below presents the skills you need to have to get your dream job in the fashion industry as well as the different types of roles you can apply for. If […] Read more »

Why Millennials Don’t Sweat the Student Loan Debt

Millenials Student Debt Infographic

When it comes to college costs, millennials are spending more money than prior generations; however, they don’t seem to mind. With a higher number of positive attitudes, young people today recognize the value of a four year degree within the workforce, especially when compared to Gen X. Because of this reason, they are paying special attention as to what they will need to study because […] Read more »

The Earning Potential of College Majors

College Majors Earnings Infographic

Finding a major that will pay off both mentally and financially is important for most college students. At Blaze Wi-Fi, they know how important education is and how important it is to get on the right foot when it comes to your financial future. In this infographic you will see the different high-growth careers, which careers have a higher starting salary, industries that are expected to grow significantly […] Read more »

10 Inspirational Quotes for Fed-Up Students

Inspirational Quotes Infographic

Contrary to popular belief student life isn’t all about partying and sitting in your pajamas watching daytime TV. It’s hard work! When you have a dissertation to write and heaps of exam prep to do it can all get a little bit too much. As feelings of stress and anxiety mount, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’ll never be able to get through your […] Read more »

10 Funniest Things to do to Get Accepted Into a Fraternity

Fraternity Pledges Infographic

Joining a fraternity is a dream for many male freshman students. Usually, even before they are accepted to a college they know everything about the possible fraternities: members, anthems, and traditions. But what they usually don’t know, is what it takes to become a member of a brotherhood, because these traditions are really crazy. But at the same time they are really fun, at least for […] Read more »

The Reality and Solution of College Plagiarism

College Plagirism Infographic

Plagiarism has been an ongoing issue in the education system for years, both intentionally and by mistake. You may not know this, but there are many different types of plagiarism. You could commit plagiarism by the most common route of submitting someone else’s work word for word, re-writing someone else’s work without citing it, or the lesser common routes of failing to cite quotations, mixing […] Read more »

FinanceU Syllabus

Financing College Infographic

Obtaining a college degree can be a financial burden on parents as well as students. Between the prices of tuition, books, food, and dorms, the costs just keep adding up and it is only getting worse. The goal for this infographic is to help students and parents navigate the debt accrued during college that cripples families financially. The FinanceU infographic provides a crash course in preparing […] Read more »

ACT or SAT? Which is Right for You?

College Prep Tests Infographic

Every student must take all the necessary steps to be accepted into their desired college. Many colleges require high scores on the SAT and ACT. But before taking any test, check with the colleges you plan to apply to. And before taking any test, here are some facts about why you might select the ACT test over the SAT test or vice versa. Read more »