Kids Fire Safety

fire safety for kids

Domestic fires pose a great danger, especially for children. Each year many children loose their lives or get injured because of accidental home fires. However, not all fires are accidental. Many domestic fires are the result of our own actions and mistakes, and sometimes they occur because of children’s curiosity. All parents should try to educate themselves and their children to familiarize them with how […] Read more »

Top 5 Moving Problems and Solutions

Moving problems infographic

We have all been there before. Showing up early to help a friend move, only to find that they are barely prepared for the entire situation. But what can you do? It is probably too late to turn back, so you gotta dig in and help. Sadly I have been in this situation one too many times. The next time someone wants my help to […] Read more »

Motivating Your Kids to Stay Organized

Organization infographic

It can be hard to get your kids excited about doing chores – and it can be even harder to get yourself excited about doing chores. And yet with a little motivation, a little bribery, and maybe even just asking nicely, you can get your kids to help out around the house more than you ever expected. The Shelving Store, a leading home organization company, […] Read more »

Types of Wood for Shed Building

Shed wood infographic

Before building a shed, it’s best to know the different types of wood commonly used for shed construction. This will give you knowledge regarding the characteristics of the wood you intend to use for your building. Are you ready? This infographic shares information on the 7 common types of wood used for sheds. Read more »

How to Build the Gym You Need at Home

Home Gym infographic

We all want to live a healthy lifestyle but it’s difficult to exercise regularly with our busy schedules. Creating your own workout space in your home could help you achieve that healthy lifestyle at your own pace. Clearing out some empty space for yoga mats or weight training equipment isn’t so hard and moreover, you don’t need to buy all the equipment at once. Purchase […] Read more »

Guide to Choosing the Best Knife Sharpener

Knife sharpeners infographic

Have you ever tried to get something cut; cakes, fruits, vegetables or meat and it got ruined by the knife or even refused to cut? The knife didn’t ruin the cut, you did. You failed to prepare the knife and it did exactly what you asked of it. Alleviate your stress by getting a knife sharpener. The best knife sharpener that will last long and […] Read more »

Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Infographic

If you think bathroom remodeling is an expense and a waste of time, you miss the point. The truth is, it’s a wise investment. In fact, more and more people are now renovating and upgrading their bathrooms because they understand that it could benefit them in the long run. Still confused? Here are some advantages of remodeling your bathroom. Read more »

Cool (and Weird) Shed Uses

Shed ideas infographic

Do you have a garden shed you haven’t used for a long time? Maybe it’s time to make it useful again. Renovate and transform it into a usable spare room. Need some inspiration? Choose from a playhouse, home office, or any of the other ideas listed in this infographic. Read more »

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Water Heater

Water Heater Hacks infographic

A water heater is essential for our day to day lives. It is indeed the most important plumbing equipment for those who can’t go a single day without having a warm shower. But the crucial fact is, most water heaters don’t last longer than 10-12 years. The lifespan of your water heater might be even less than the average if you don’t take proper care […] Read more »