The Ultimate Lawn Care Calendar With Seasonal Tips and Advice for the Greenest Lawn

lawn care guide infographic

The ever changing climate can be quite tough on your lawn and turf, but if you give your lawn some tender loving care throughout the year you’ll be rewarded with strong healthy, greener grass even in the harshest seasons. This lawn care guide will help you keep your grass greener for longer, with monthly and seasonal tips on how to get the best out of […] Read more »

8 Ways to Save Space in a Small London Flat

Home space saving infographic

Are you renting a flat in London, or perhaps even own one? If so, you’ll likely be short on storage space to put all of your furniture, appliances and other belongings – especially if it’s a flat close to the center of London. This infographic from Vanguard Self Storage tackles the issue of space-deprived flats in London with some top tips on how to make […] Read more »

How To Conserve Heat and Energy

conserving heat energy infographic

The winter months can keep your furnace working over time. It’s definitely a big investment to purchase a new furnace so you want to make sure you’re not going being too hard on it. In order to make your furnace last longer, Dave & Kelly’s Heating and Cooling has compiled a list of tips to conserve heat and energy during the winter months. With these […] Read more »

2017 Interior Design Trends

2017 home design trends infographic

If you’re planning to renovate  or redecorate your house this year, consider these 2017 home design trends. Before you start, it’s helpful if you do your research. Be creative when redesigning your house. Choose the right colors and make sure to structure your home for efficiency. If you want to get ideas from others, that’s okay. Do your research and learn from different homeowners. Home […] Read more »

Tips to Childproof Your Home

childproofing your home infographic

Is your house safe for your child? If you’re unsure, then it’s time to do something about it. Inspect every corner of your house as there could be areas that may pose danger to your kids. Children are unpredictable, they play anywhere they want. That’s why so many accidents occurr inside the home and toddlers are usually the victims. Prevent these accidents by making your […] Read more »

What Type of Vacuum Cleaner Do You Need?

vacuum cleaner infographic

There is no house without a vacuum cleaner. And every homeowner at least once has been faced with the choice of which vacuum cleaner is suitable for their needs. This choice is not as simple as it might seem. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of different cleaning equipment, which fully meets the needs of consumers. So, for a quick spot cleaning, the handheld vacuum […] Read more »

A Quick Guide to Listed Buildings

listed building infographic

This infographic details what work requires planning permission, what information you need to provide to gain planning permission and who to contact to obtain any grants or funding towards renovation work being carried out on the property.  The infographic also examines the age range of listed buildings, how many homeowners have broken planning and building regulations and how many have been required to take down […] Read more »

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

artificial grass infographic

Artificial grass is a safe, cost saving alternative to organic, natural grass. Home owners, business owners, government agencies and conservationists are some of the many customers that have purchased synthetic lawns. The financial, maintenance and environmental benefits make investing in artificial turf an easy decision. For one, you can cut your water bill by as much as 50%. Over the lifetime of a residential size […] Read more »

Fabric Vs Leather – Which Sofa to Choose!

sofa fabrics infographic

The sofa is one of the main pieces of furniture in every house. You cannot think of your living room without a couch. But when decorating your home, one of the big challenges is to decide which type of sofa you should buy. You have to consider many things before making a decision which sofa is right for you. If you are on a tight […] Read more »