Why Men Should Consider Nursing

men nurses infographic

Even in 2017, the stereotype of nursing as a “woman’s job” hugely impacts the amount of men applying for the job, even though the position offers high demand, high compensation, and a rewarding professional experience. In fact, the gender disparity is so huge that only a dismal 9% of nurses in this country are men! So, what are some of the myths that are holding […] Read more »

Tips to Survive a Nurse Practitioner Program

Nurse Practitioner program infographic

Embarking on a nurse practitioner program is no joke. At times it can be exhausting, not to mention the pressures you may feel from family obligations and from your peers. You must be determined to learn and understand the broad scope of the courses. It takes a lot of hard work and training, and there are no shortcuts to reach the end. How do you […] Read more »

Substance Abuse Nursing: An Introduction

substance abuse nursing infographic

One of the biggest issues in the United States is substance abuse. It affects families across the country. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that illicit drug use accounted for $193 billion in overall healthcare costs in 2007, while prescription opioid use accounted for $78.5 billion in overall healthcare costs in 2013. Trends show increasing opioid and heroin addiction in the U.S. Nurses play […] Read more »

Your Career in Health

Health Careers infographic

Do you see yourself taking care of other people’s health? Here is great news for you; careers in the health industry are expected to grow as years pass by. In addition to that, you can choose which specialization to take. You can opt to focus in a certain areas like allied health, fitness, nutrition, and natural therapy, etc. The infographic below lists the skills needed and […] Read more »

Celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week With Famous Nurses from TV and the Movies

Nursing is a noble profession as it inspires people to provide great care and services to patients.  For fun, let’s see the nurses who made big names in the world—whether they were on TV or in the actual nursing world. Not everybody knows what International Nurses Day (May 12) and National Nursing Assistants Week (June 12-19) are. To begin with, May 12 is the special day […] Read more »

Top Paying States for CNAs

CNA Salary infographic

The Affordable Healthcare Act allowed many Americans to obtain health insurance at an affordable price. This caused an increase in demand for healthcare services and most states quickly found that there was a shortage in healthcare personnel. Certified nurses assistants were one of the more popular career paths because there’s a low barrier to entry and it includes an average salary that could support a […] Read more »

Travel Nurses – Infographic

There is currently a shortage of registered nurses (RN’s) around this country. This infographic shows the need for traveling nurses around this country. If U could handle blood I would be a nurse in a heartbeat. Sadly I pass-out at needles going into my flesh. This is why I think that being a traveling nurse in the next 5-10 years will become the way to go as […] Read more »