Substance Abuse Nursing: An Introduction

substance abuse nursing infographic

One of the biggest issues in the United States is substance abuse. It affects families across the country. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that illicit drug use accounted for $193 billion in overall healthcare costs in 2007, while prescription opioid use accounted for $78.5 billion in overall healthcare costs in 2013. Trends show increasing opioid and heroin addiction in the U.S. Nurses play […] Read more »

The Link Between Drugs and Crime

Drug Use and Crime infographic

The rise of drug use and crime levels in the United States is no coincidence. This infographic looks at the link between the two with a focus on drug-influenced behavior and substance abuse-related incarcerations. What commonly goes unnoticed is that there are specific types of crimes which are linked to drug abuse, including prostitution and burglary. Alternatively, studies show that certain types of substance abuse […] Read more »

State by State Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Use infographic

With recent elections in the United States not only Trump had a surprise win, it was an incredible day for marijuana as well. With mostly crushing numbers eight states voted for legalization of marijuana in one form or another. California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine already had a medical marijuana program and now joined the list of states that approve of adult recreational use. Arkansas, Florida, […] Read more »

Drug Driving Laws in the UK

Drug Driving infographic

The UK’s drug driving laws were updated in 2015. A new roadside testing kit was brought in to replace the old road side impairment tests. It tests for the presence of a number of banned drugs in a suspects system. With this test came new harsh zero tolerance limits on both legal and illegal drugs. There has been a significant increase in both the numbers […] Read more »

Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drug Addiction Treatment Infographic

Did you know that approximately 2 million people used non-medical prescription drugs for the first time in the past year? Learn more about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and addiction and how you can prevent this fatality from happening in your own home. This infographic will show current and surprising statistics about prescription drug abuse and addiction. Although these drugs are legal (through a […] Read more »

Who Needs Addiction Treatment in Alabama?

What’s the number of emergency room visits due to alcohol and drug use? In the state of Alabama the average number of fatalities in a year reaches nearly 50.000! And how many of those result in a fatality? The stats break down as follows: 1.212 are from alcohol related motor vehicle accidents. Around 700 are drug induced. 314 fatalities are alcohol related. 280 fatalities happen […] Read more »

Adolescent Marijuana Smoking Statistics

How many teens are smoking pot? Find out who’s toking here. Plus, information about the real harms of marijuana, including the long term effects of smoking pot, especially on the brain after adolescent initiation of use (weed affects IQ). And a short section on how to intervene with teenagers in order to address drug abuse problems. Most pot smokers deny that smoking marijuana affects health […] Read more »