Global Production of Solar & Wind Electricity Production

clean energy infographic

According to scientific forecasts, by 2030 renewable sources will supply 14% of U.S. electricity, which means that people will gradually use more and more solar and wind power. But, this trend is taking over even today. In the following infographic you will find out which countries produce the most amount of solar and wind electricity. In recent years, wind electricity registered impressive results by having […] Read more »

The Green Trucking Initiative

green trucking infographic

Due to a lack of good communication in the trucking and transportation industry, a current practice of running trucks empty, known as “empty backhauls”, costs drivers money but just as importantly harms the environment with needless pollution. In order to reduce empty backhauls, trucking companies need to connect directly with shippers and be in more frequent contact. This way, drivers won’t have to drive empty, […] Read more »

Protect the Earth and Work Paperlessly

paperless infographic

Today, anyone of us, any business, any organization can stop using paper documents and paper-based processes. By doing so we will preserve beautiful green forests, the only home to many defenseless creatures, save our hard-earned money, save time that we never have, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with paper production. Original infographic provided by PDFfiller Read more »

The Lifespan of Your Waste

Waste and Trash infographic

Most people don’t think twice when they throw out their garbage and other waste, either at home or at work. This infographic shows what happens to your waste after it’s left your bin, how long it’s going to be lying around for, and how much of it can actually be recycled. Read more »

5 Ways Sports Leagues Can Save the Planet

Sports leagues are helping the environment by influencing people about the different ways they can help save the planet. They started their own campaign in order to educate people that saving and recycling have a big impact on the preservation of the environment. Here are the different ways on which sports league can help the planet. Read more »

The Waste of E-Waste

e-waste infographic

In this infographic you can see the minerals used in your devices, the metals produced from them and what are they used for. If not collected properly and recycled those hard materials will end up in a dump. Never to be used again for making new devices. On top of that pure waste of resources, those materials are harmful to the environment. Please, recycle your […] Read more »

12 Things to Start an Eco-Food Revolution

sustainable food infographic

It’s not just our planet that is degrading, but also our health. When will we start taking action? When will we realize that everything is temporary, even our lives? If you want to live a better life, it’s time to go green. Eating healthy foods; buying from local farmers markets; growing your own food; eliminating all the processed foods from your diet. These are just […] Read more »

How-To Guide to Glass Bottle Crafts

Glass Bottle Crafts Infographic

This infographic showcases how an item which might be considered trash can have a new life by becoming something else. Glass bottles are an immense resource that should be 100% recycled or reused when possible. A simple bottle can become many things. Wine bottle crafts are extraordinary items you can use to decorate your home as wine bottle centerpieces, candle holders, or as a self-sustainable vertical garden. You can choose […] Read more »

How To Combat Climate Change

climate change infographic

Climate change is a big issue. From deforestation to the use of fossil fuels, there are many things that humans have done over the years that have had a negative impact on the environment, and therefore our planet. You may be wondering what you can actually do to help. After all, you’re not responsible for deforestation or the burning of excessive amounts of fossil fuels. […] Read more »