How To Conserve Heat and Energy

conserving heat energy infographic

The winter months can keep your furnace working over time. It’s definitely a big investment to purchase a new furnace so you want to make sure you’re not going being too hard on it. In order to make your furnace last longer, Dave & Kelly’s Heating and Cooling has compiled a list of tips to conserve heat and energy during the winter months. With these […] Read more »

Global Production of Solar & Wind Electricity Production

clean energy infographic

According to scientific forecasts, by 2030 renewable sources will supply 14% of U.S. electricity, which means that people will gradually use more and more solar and wind power. But, this trend is taking over even today. In the following infographic you will find out which countries produce the most amount of solar and wind electricity. In recent years, wind electricity registered impressive results by having […] Read more »

The Benefits of Strip Doors

PVC Striping

We have all seen the plastic doors that hang from the ceiling. They are a little heavy, helping to keep the heat or the cold in, and the adverse conditions outside. There are many advantages to using a strip door. Daily cost savings per opening Increased productivity An affordable and safe solution Creates an overall safer environment Protects workspace from pest invasions Divides rooms & […] Read more »

BLDC Motors Contribution to the HVAC Industry

BLDC Motors Infographic

Did you know that electric motors and their systems consume 43 – 46% of all global electricity? BLDC motors are known for their increased energy efficiency, variable speeds, lightweight construction and small size. Thanks to advances in BLDC motor technology, industries that rely on electric motors can make the switch to a more energy-efficient solution. For example, the HVAC industry uses BLDC motors in industrial, residential […] Read more »