Global Production of Solar & Wind Electricity Production

According to scientific forecasts, by 2030 renewable sources will supply 14% of U.S. electricity, which means that people will gradually use more and more solar and wind power. But, this trend is taking over even today. In the following infographic you will find out which countries produce the most amount of solar and wind electricity.

In recent years, wind electricity registered impressive results by having a 50% increase in U.S. wind capacity. It is compatible with many grazing and agricultural uses, has no emissions or waste products and produce little noise. Besides, wind farms are usually built in less than a year.

Solar energy is the biggest industry among renewables even though it requires huge costs. However, solar panels need little maintenance and are soundproof. They can be adapted to any size and placed on rooftops or incorporated into construction materials.

In the future, wind and solar electricity costs will fall so people will be able to afford and use it on a large scale in order to reduce greenhouse emissions and prevent climate change. Why not starting using renewable energy sources now and gain a better position on the international level?

Level of Clean Electricity Production

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