History of the E-Cigarette

e-cigarette infographic

Quick question: When was vaping first invented? If you said within the past 10 years, or even within the past 20, your estimate is totally off. The history of e-cigarettes and vaping devices can actually be traced back about 90 years, when a guy named Joseph Robinson filed a patent for the first “electric vaporizer” in 1927. So why did it take so long to […] Read more »

What Happens to the Human Body When You Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking infographic

Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for the human body and are a direct cause of millions of deaths around the world each year. It’s no secret that smoking cause’s cancer, heart disease, increases your risk of stroke and contributes too many other health issues and complaints. Quitting smoking is the obvious answer to help prevent all of these problems but the addictive nature of […] Read more »

Quitting Smoking – The Facts

quitting smoking infographic

Smoking is an expensive practice and can be detrimental to your health. If you are trying to quit, there are medications out there that can help you on your quest. Ask your doctor as he may be able to get you something that will help. Just be sure you follow the directions on how to use the medication. If you notice any negative side effects, […] Read more »

E-Cigarettes – Should You Make The Switch?

e cigarette infographic

This infographic shows the benefits of using e-cigarettes and e-liquid over traditional cigarettes. First, there are a number of cost benefits from using e-cigarettes including bottles or refills which are relatively inexpensive and long lasting. More to the point, smoking causes a high number of deaths including lung cancer and other heart related diseases, toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes are carcinogenic. The infographic provides details […] Read more »

What Happens When You Give Up Smoking

Want to know how many non smoking days it will require for your organs to restore their functions? Or the benefits to your health after just 20 minutes, 8 hours, one week and one month after your last cigarette? Just review our infographic. For example, in 5 years you will benefit from a decreased risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease, […] Read more »

The Complete History of the Electronic Cigarette

In the past 18 months there have been many misconceptions published about electronic cigarettes and the industry as a whole. The market has been subjected to many misleading attacks and criticisms that could have far-reaching consequences. With this in mind, Joyetech UK have released this infographic to help people understand the e-cig industry better. By guiding the reader through 5 lessons – History, Math, Science, […] Read more »

Info About the Electronic Cigarette

E-Cigarette, Info about the Electronic Cigarette

E-cigarettes are becoming the rage around the world. I saw a guy using one in an airport the other day. It seems cool that you are not having to light up since you can’t get a lighter past the TSA anyway. That being said they do seem safer than using traditional cigarettes and from what I read you can actually add the dose of nicotine […] Read more »

Save Significant Money By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes – Infographic

Save Significant Money By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes - Infographic

Totally Wicked reveals the incredible savings that smokers can make when switching to electronic cigarettes. The e cig giant has researched the average cost of a 20-a-day smoking habit and measured it against the cost of the equivalent electronic cigarette intake. The company discovered that smokers who make the switch could save more than £2,000 every year. Despite the initially higher costs of investing in […] Read more »