Save Significant Money By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes – Infographic

Totally Wicked reveals the incredible savings that smokers can make when switching to electronic cigarettes. The e cig giant has researched the average cost of a 20-a-day smoking habit and measured it against the cost of the equivalent electronic cigarette intake. The company discovered that smokers who make the switch could save more than £2,000 every year. Despite the initially higher costs of investing in an electronic cigarette kits; savings can be made due to the less frequent replacement prices of e liquids.

The research, presented in the form of an infographic goes on to detail how the money saved by vapers (members of the e cig community) can be better invested. The researchers discovered that the money saved in the switch could be used to pay for the weekly grocery bills for a full year. Slightly more superfluous investments have also been suggested such as two iMac computers or a stay in London’s most famous luxury hotel for the whole family.

The great monetary benefit is just one of the reasons why many people are jumping on the electronic cigarette bandwagon at the moment as more and more are making the switch. Other reasons include in lack of tobacco present in the product and the increased freedom of usage.

The infographic goes on to discuss the environmental costs that are being saved as people switch from traditional cigarettes to their electronic brethren. The researchers have discovered astounding facts in regards to the environmental impact of e cigs; including the 600 million trees that are chopped down every year.

The infographic makes it more obvious than ever that switching to e cigs can be a great money saver.

Save Significant Money By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes - Infographic

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