10 Interesting Facts About The Human Eye

Let’s explore some really interesting facts about the human eye!

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10 Interesting Facts About The Human Eye - Infographic

Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about the human eye:

  1. Newborn babies do not produce tears
  2. Infant babies begin blinking at about 6 months old
  3. Humans blink an average of 12 times per minute
  4. The average blink lasts 0.3 second
  5. When you are born, your eyes are about 70% of their adult size
  6. Being born with two differently colored eyes is a condition called Heterochromia
  7. The older we get, the less tears we are able to produce
  8. Primary cause of blindness in adults in the US is from diabetes
  9. All babies are color blind when they are born
  10. Humans are the only animal on the planet to show the white of their eyes

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