The Complete History of the Electronic Cigarette

In the past 18 months there have been many misconceptions published about electronic cigarettes and the industry as a whole. The market has been subjected to many misleading attacks and criticisms that could have far-reaching consequences. With this in mind, Joyetech UK have released this infographic to help people understand the e-cig industry better.

By guiding the reader through 5 lessons – History, Math, Science, Business, and Ecology – about electronic cigarettes, Joyetech hopes to educate the uninitiated and misinformed. With significant experience in the electronic cigarette market, Joyetech is better positioned to help people understand electronic cigarettes better than those who are make rash judgements about the products.

This is the ideal resource for somebody who is looking into switching from traditional cigarettes to an electronic alternative but feels as though they do not have enough information. Contrasting reports that have been put out by a variety of sources can make it incredibly difficult for people to ascertain whether or not electronic cigarettes will benefit them. The Joyetech infographic simply states well-researched facts in a simple to digest manner to help make the decision simpler for those who are still sitting on the e-cig fence.









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