What Happens When You Give Up Smoking

Want to know how many non smoking days it will require for your organs to restore their functions? Or the benefits to your health after just 20 minutes, 8 hours, one week and one month after your last cigarette? Just review our infographic.

For example, in 5 years you will benefit from a decreased risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease, angina and heart attacks. A long-term benefit is that non-smokers live on average 10 years longer than smokers. This fact is undeniable and confirmed by thousands of clinical and non-clinical investigations.

Of course, quitting is not as easy as many non-smokers think, but it is worth the struggle. There are many ways and resources available now. Are you ready to enjoy a smoke-free life? Then begin your battle right away by promising yourself and your family to quit smoking once and for all.


Infographic Source – http://www.dx-health.com/blog/stop-smoking/when-you-give-up-smoking-infographic.html

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