What Makes Up an Effective Customer Relationship Management System?

CRM system infographic

When it comes to modern business trends, becoming customer-oriented tops the list of many a businessman’s priorities. Epecially if they want to be successful in the long run. The technological innovations of past years gives consumers the upper hand with so many choices to choose from in today’s market, thus, making competition more challenging to business owners. But with so many companies trying to take […] Read more »

Monitor Your Social Media in Only 10 Minutes a Day

social media in minutes infographic

The whole marketing landscape has changed with the introduction of social media to the business. With a huge variety of social media platforms made available on the web, there’s a greater chance of reaching out to your target market’s concerns more easily. Social media has become a powerful tool, as it gives us control right at our fingertips. Imagine sharing that piece of content that […] Read more »

Customer Feedback Per industry

customer feedback infographic

During the last few years, more and more businesses are starting to realize that we are in the era of the Voice of the Customer. Companies are tuning into every possible channel to learn what customers truly demand of their products and services. This can be done through requesting staff to take note of complaints and compliments from customers, or by allowing customers to provide […] Read more »

The No-Code Revolution: How to Heal Broken Customer Experience

Customer service infographic

For call center software platforms, no-code automations are nothing magical or new. The fundamental aims are also the aims of phone services everywhere: to connect callers to the right person as quickly as possible, to offer them the appropriate services and share call data efficiently, and to optimize the customer experience. If the aims are clear, why are CX managers still struggling to achieve the […] Read more »

Market Research and the Strong Bonds that Attach Them to Customers

market research infographic

Most people underestimate the power of customers. Companies need customers in every possible way to survive. They need them to buy and to give feedback. Everything is about making customers happy. There is a cycle which begins when something is offered to a consumer. Companies want to make sure the consumer was satisfied. But something that is satisfying today might not be satisfying tomorrow. Therefore, it […] Read more »

Is Your Business Available to Customers on Sunday?

Business Hours Infographic

It’s a familiar story, after a hard week’s work we save all those administrative bits and pieces for the weekend, hoping to make appointments and work our way through our to-do-list. Picking up the phone we expect an answer, regardless of the day of the week, and as such, businesses have had to respond, increasing their availability to cover all day, every day. At the […] Read more »