The Top 10 Toys of the 2017 Holiday Season (and Probably 2018 Too!)

Top Toys 2017 infographic

Every year, parents have the challenging task of picking out the best gifts for their children for the holidays. It can often be difficult, making even the most attentive parents struggle to determine what to buy. And what happens if you’re buying a present for a niece or nephew or family friend and don’t know their tastes? Moreover, each year has its own new set of “it” […] Read more »

Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor – Infographic

Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor - Infographic

What’s the average age of the model hobbyist, when did radio-controlled models begin to gain in popularity, and how do brushless DC motors figure into the equation? In 2012, model hobby sales in the U.S. topped out at $1.31 billion! What’s making radio-controlled models so successful? Some success can be attributed to brushless DC motor technology, which is not only quieter and more efficient, but […] Read more »