Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor – Infographic

What’s the average age of the model hobbyist, when did radio-controlled models begin to gain in popularity, and how do brushless DC motors figure into the equation? In 2012, model hobby sales in the U.S. topped out at $1.31 billion! What’s making radio-controlled models so successful? Some success can be attributed to brushless DC motor technology, which is not only quieter and more efficient, but can power models built to virtually any scale. Add on that electric-powered motors require minimal maintenance and offer a relatively easy learning curve for beginners and you have a rise in RC vehicle popularity.

This Infographic courtesy of explores brushless DC motor efficiencies, offers an intriguing timeline of RC vehicles and their uses, and looks at state of the model hobby industry. Interested in a timeline of radio-controlled devices, starting in 1898? Check out Power Play: Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor, courtesy of

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Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor - Infographic

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