Workaholic British Holidaymakers Fail In Digital Detox

British holiday makers can’t switch off from the office while on holiday, declares flight booking company Just The Flight ( ). Holidays used to be a time of relaxation and peace, but the rising use of smartphones, and the inescapable tide of emails and notifications has pulled the office outside of its four walls. A survey conducted by Just The Flight has revealed that this is indeed the case: our holiday preparations no longer include wrapping up at work.

As we approach the holiday season, we can guarantee leaving behind the miserable weather, but not our work. Out of the 1,000 respondents to Just The Flight’s survey, 70% check their work emails while on holiday. Over half (65%) of those that responded attempted a digital detox to avoid work-related notifications – and one in three failed in their efforts.

Just under half (49%) of workers access their emails from their smartphones, while a fifth (22%) go as far as bringing a laptop on holiday. Over a quarter of workers checked their emails multiple times a day, and out of these individuals, 53% felt a need to respond. However, only 16% forward emails onto a colleague.

Workaholic British Holidaymakers Fail In Digital Detox - Infographic

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