Sports and Leisure Gifts for Dad

sports gifts for dad

Your dad, just like anyone, is a human being who loves presents. Who cares if it’s cheap, DIY, or something he doesn’t think he needs, the fact that you gave him something is enough to melt his heart. And if he’s into sports, there’s a wide array of gifts you can give him. Here’s just a few to help you decide. Read more »

How To Take Better Over Under Photos

over under photography infographic

If you own a GoPro camera and a matching split dome port then taking over under photos is really easy. You just press the shutter button on the camera and the dome does all the work. But people are often disappointed by the results. Even though technically shooting half/half photos is easy, it is not just the equipment that matters, it is the person behind […] Read more »

Off Road Hoverboard Comparison Chart

hoverboard specs infographic

This chart compares the four leading self-balancing scooter or all terrain offload hoverboard specifications from speed and riding distance, to features like Bluetooth, weight limit, wheel size and if it is air-filled or not, LED lighting and lastly the price. In the past year hoverboards have made a huge comeback with UL Listed stickers on the best ones showing how they are now UL Certified […] Read more »

Best QuadCopter For Beginners

Quadcopter infographic

This infographic reviews facts you should know before buying a quadcopter for beginners and points out the special features to look at. We all know, that beginners can make mistakes before doing anything new. So it’s necessary to know about the important factors that can make a beginner knowledgeable about the product which he/she wants to buy. Infographic provided by Best Quadcopter Reviews Read more »

How to Make Your Own Bath Bombs

diy bath bombs infographic

Bath bombs are a fun way to treat yourself, and they also make great gifts. They can get a little pricey if you’re shopping at luxury soap stores, so why not make your own? This infographic includes a simple recipe, as well as an in-depth guide that covers FAQs about the bath bomb making process. If you’re not careful, they can explode before they ever […] Read more »

Which Penny Skateboard is Right For You?

This infographic was created by a fan of the Penny Skateboards brand. Penny Skateboards is known for its high quality products as well as its fun designs that personify the brand’s personality. Penny is a fun brand who produce plastic boards that appeal to the youth culture as well as skaters of old. This infographic is designed to help you choose which style of Penny Skateboard […] Read more »

Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor – Infographic

Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor - Infographic

What’s the average age of the model hobbyist, when did radio-controlled models begin to gain in popularity, and how do brushless DC motors figure into the equation? In 2012, model hobby sales in the U.S. topped out at $1.31 billion! What’s making radio-controlled models so successful? Some success can be attributed to brushless DC motor technology, which is not only quieter and more efficient, but […] Read more »