5 Reasons Financial Markets Love Trump

Trump and Finances infographic

From November 8, 2016, the day of Trump’s victory, all the major U.S. stock market indices hit all-time record highs. The S&P 500, NASDAQ and Dow Jones have experienced massive raises during the first months of Trump’s presidency, and they all keep running higher and higher. Why? Even if Trump is so controversial, it seems that financial markets actually love him. This infographic from Il […] Read more »

Fundamental Analysis Vs Technical Analysis

Business Analysis Infographic

Are you confused about whether to opt for fundamental analysis vs technical analysis? Don’t be. You only need 90 seconds to clarify your doubts. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis have some similarities but there are major differences between the two. You will acquire different types of skills, you will study different topics, and you will get different job prospects. Take a look at the infographic […] Read more »

Rise of the Forex Empire

When people hear the term Forex Market, they might immediately visualize the crunching of numbers in busy work cubicles, Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, and of course the different currency pairs that these brokers need to master – ah, insert colossal headache here! To put things simply, the Foreign Exchange Market is a marketplace in which currencies from all […] Read more »

10 Most Important Aspects of Stocks

Aspects of Stocks Infographic

Many investors get involved with shares in companies before they truly look deeply into them. Instead, take a few minutes to do some due diligence and run every stock you are interested in through the following analysis. You will find that you will avoid many companies whose shares may have cost you, and will zone in on those great companies which are and will trend […] Read more »

Taking a Look at Pot Stocks

Pot Stocks Infographic

Despite the great benefits from legalized, recreational marijuana, which includes a drop in crime rates and an influx of tax revenues, there is a potential downside – specifically the growing risk to stock market investors. Marijuana-related penny stocks have been soaring higher in price, but have they reached overvalued levels? According to analysis by Peter Leeds and his full team of penny stock reviewers, most marijuana […] Read more »