The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices now account for one-third of all website traffic. Is your website mobile ready?

There are many ways to optimize a website for mobile. One way is to create a second mobile website. This used to be a viable solution in the past. Today, the infinite amount of screen sizes and resolutions on mobile devices and monitors makes this solution outdated. So what should you do? Responsive design is the solution.

Responsive design is a way of building a website that is optimized for viewing across a wide range of device with minimum amount of resizing and scrolling. In simple terms, your website adapts to the screen it is being viewed on. It can adapt by resizing, moving or eliminating sections of a website with the end goal of providing the best user experience.

Responsive Design

To use responsive design or not to use responsive design? that is not a question… – An infographic by the team at Impress Labs

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