How to Handle Emergencies More Efficiently

Medical Emergencies Infographic

General Practitioners face different kinds of emergencies each day, from head injuries and convulsions to trauma. Hence, learning proper management of emergencies is paramount for them. It’s their responsibility to communicate with and understand their patients in any situations. If you’re a General Practitioner, here are some tips to help you handle emergencies more efficiently: Read more »

Can Your Organization Survive a Natural Disaster?

Business Emergency Management Infographic

This infographic from Boston University’s business program ( helps you assess whether or not your organization can survive a natural disaster. After a major disaster—tornado, tsunami, flood, hurricane, fire, etc. – 25% of businesses do not reopen. Two ways to keep from this infinite closure is to invest in preparatory management of a disaster, and to invest in a recovery plan for after a disaster. […] Read more »