How Satisfying is your Degree? Best Paying University Degrees

Choosing which university degree to study is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career, its hard to know if your chosen subject will be of interest to you, whether it will aid you in getting your desired job or provide you with the career opportunities you desire.

That’s why we surveyed over 500 Australian professionals to see which university choices resulted in the:

  • Highest degree satisfaction
  • Best salaries
  • Biggest bonuses

We have visualized the key data collected and have produced an infographic to help you understand which degree could potentially lead to the greatest career satisfaction for you.

Help us spread the word about the affect degree choices have on career satisfaction by sharing it amongst you family, friends & colleagues.

How Satisfying is your Degree? Best Paying University Degrees - Infographic

Infographic brought to us by specialists in job search and employment in Australia, Robert Walters.

Top Careers Based on Career Satisfaction

  1. Law Degree
  2. Engineering Degree
  3. Business Degree
  4. Economics Degree
  5. Science Degree
  6. Marketing Degree
  7. Arts Degree

Interesting Facts About Career Placement

  • 66% of career professionals chose their degree because they thought it would lead to a well paying job.
  • 62% of professionals would not change the subject they studied
  • 68% of people work in a profession directly related to their degree

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