Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Also Called PTSD – Infographic

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD - Infographic

PTSD Infographic by BD&J Law Firm

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was once thought to be a military disorder reserved for those who experienced combat situations first-hand. As this infographic illustrates, PTSD is much more prevalent in today’s society than many realize. Among those who are at risk of suffering from PTSD include pregnant women going through labor, children who witness or experience domestic violence or abuse, and those individuals who suffer from personal injuries in catastrophic accidents.

The ptsd attorneys at the BD&J Law Firm have encountered countless accident victims who suffer from the residual effects of PTSD. The trauma they experienced during their pedestrian, car, truck or motorcycle accident can be life altering and long after the bruises and breaks have healed, the psycohological trauma of the event remains. This infographic discusses the prevalence of PTSD in our society, who is at risk, what the symptoms are, and how someone with the disorder might find relief. For more information be sure to view our other articles devoted to PTSD.

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