The Correlation Between Poor Oral Health and Diabetes

Your pearly whites are a gateway to your body. So it makes sense that what you eat affects the health of your mouth as well as your body. Certain foods and energy drinks could increase your blood sugar levels which in turn could increase the risk of infection.

This infographic brought to you by Birch Dental Group reveals just how many Canadian adults suffer from dental cavities (and the number is way higher than you think), but it also offers helpful tips on what to do to make sure your body and mouth is as healthy as it can be. Simple pointers like brushing and flossing regularly, twice daily is a point that many of us forget, usually giving a cursory scrub of our pearly whites in a few seconds. Even smokers should beware – as they have higher chances of getting gum disease than non – smokers.

Being healthy and knowing about the dental health of Canadian adults was never easier, thanks to this simple and to-the-point infographic.

diabetes and oral health infographic

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