How the United States Farms

Midwest life is fairly based on the farming industry. Many farmers take pride in producing and feeding millions of Americans on a daily basis. More than 33% of U.S. land is used for pasture. This is the largest use of land in the 48 contiguous states. Cows make up the largest number of occupants for this land. A significant 41% of U.S. land is used […] Read more »

Urban Agriculture And How To Grow A Rooftop Garden

Washington DC-Urban-Agriculture-Gardening-Infographic

Urban Agriculture is the art and science of growing food in cities or highly populated areas with the goal of the grower eating the food, or for the grower distributing the food to those around him/her. Here are a few facts about urban agriculture or rooftop garden growing: Roughly 15% of the food in the world is grown in urban areas There are currently more […] Read more »