Wealthiest And Richest Australian Athletes – Infographic

Who are the wealthiest and richest Australian athletes of 2011 and 2012?

Well, for starters Andrew Bogut makes $13 million dollars per year. He could buy 260,000 basketballs! Compare that to the NBL typical wage of $70k.

Casey Stoner makes $9.5 million, and he could buy 23,000 motorbike tire sets! Typical wage: $100k.

Mark Webber makes $9.5 million. Not only does he own a Porsche 911 GT2 worth $245,000, but he could buy another 35 of them! Compare that to the typical Formula One wage of $1 million.

Chad Reed makes $8.5 million. The typical motorcross wage is $100k.

Cadel Evans makes $5 million, Tim Cahill makes $4.5 million, and Jason Day makes $4.5 million.

Adam Scott makes $4.5 million, while the typical mens golfer earns $970k. Marcos Ambrose makes $4.5 million and Sam Stosur makes $4 million.

Wealthiest Australian Athletes

[Source: bigpondmoney.com.au]

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