E-file Security and Safety Concerns

For businesses small and large, the number of customer and employee data breaches is on the rise. The increase of hacking technology in turn increases the concern to secure sensitive customer data for standard business operations. For businesses tax filing, the IRS is taking every precaution to fight identity theft and protect recipient data. The IRS identified a 78% increase in tax identity-theft incidents from 2011 to 2012. The actual number may be even greater than the 1.8 million incidents reported, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

The burden of data protection extends to businesses and accountants who prepare 1099s and W-2s online. The problem is that the e-file industry is under a self-governing system and most small e-file companies don’t take the correct security measures to protect recipient data. Companies that use encryption programs approved by the federal government are most likely secure enough to seek out for tax filing services. The IRS-approved online tax filing service efile4biz.com takes every measure to keep its users data secure when filing 1099s and W-2s online. In every effort to notify users about the steps necessary to keep recipients’ personal data safe, efile4biz presents the facts and figures of tax-identity security.


Original Source – http://www.efile4biz.com/e-file-security-and-safety-infographic.html


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