Evolution of the Modern Restaurant

Looking for some interesting restaurants to visit? The following infographic has quite a selection of some of the most interesting restaurants that you will ever get a chance to visit. These restaurants use cutting edge technology to deliver an experience that just can’t be found in most other establishments. Inamo is using interactive ordering systems in their restaurant. The menu is projected onto the table and the customer uses an interactive touch screen to order. This is not only fun for the customer, but it also increases efficiency and saves servers from having to take the order so that their time can be spent doing other things.

Another technology used by restaurants today is the implementation of a high-tech roof garden. This allows a restaurant located in an urban area to provide produce that can’t get any fresher. This also saves transportation time and costs on fruits and vegetables. Another thing that some restaurants are doing is integrating social media into their food. 4food in New York display the most popular items that are ordered and shares them via social media. This created interation from customers and provides an extra layer to the restaurant experience. Perhaps one of the most important technologies used in restaurants today is the POS system. The POS software is the brains of the operation that keeps everything running smoothly and properly. Check out the amazing restaurants in this infographic and the technology they are using!


Original Source of Infographic – http://bepoz.com/blog/evolution-of-modern-restaurant/

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