Smart Small Business Marketing Budgets

Although budgeting is not an activity that business owners jump with joy for, it’s a necessary part of running a successful company. Marketing intelligently is important, and savvy business owners already know this. Even though it is a way to bring in new customers and new revenue, marketing plans and budgets are often an afterthought after everything else is paid for. To succeed in the future, that mindset needs to change, and smart business owners are starting to understand that a marketing budget is a well-planned, well-executed exercise that is absolutely necessary for success.

Fifty two percent of small businesses want a bigger budget, but currently don’t have the right means to increase them. With the right combination of marrying the budget that they do have with an intelligent marketing budget, small business owners can successfully bring in more revenue that they would with a “spend and pray” marketing plan.

Small Business Marketing Budgets

Infographic courtesy of: Coastal Creative Reprographics

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