How a Neighborhood Holds Property Value

property value infographic

When buying a new property, don’t choose a neighborhood that is declining drastically in overall property values. Always check the property value estimates to determine which neighborhoods have a good reputation but still suit your budget. One of the biggest factors that determines whether a property will rise or fall in value is its neighborhood. You can check property values in a number of different […] Read more »

8 Tips to Sell Your Home Online

online home selling infographic

What do you need to do in order to successfully sell your home online? Selling a property online is easier than you may realize, but you need to know how the online real estate marketplace works. It will take some planning and effort from you as well as knowing the things you need to consider. This infographic contains 8 tips to get you headed in […] Read more »

How to Improve the Value of Your Home in 2017

home value improvement infographic

Whether you’re thinking of selling your house or just want to improve the value of it for the future, knowing what to change to add value can be a minefield. Do you think about adding an extension, adding a loft conversion, or do you consider changing the windows? At Power Drill Guru not only do they provide a large selection of drill reviews but they’ve […] Read more »

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real state agen

How do you choose the best real estate agent? Will you choose a traditional or online agent? Traditional agents are also called high street agents and they have more local knowledge of the area and the properties sold. They follow the fixed around the brick-and-mortar premises business model. However, the improvement of technology leads to the birth of online estate agents who are less expensive […] Read more »

When to Sell a House

Best Home Selling Time infographic

Planning on selling your house? Then you need to consider the market condition if you want to get some impact from your home sale. So when is the best time to sell a house? Consider putting your property on the market during spring. Because of the good weather, most home buyers are looking for a house during this time of the year. Aside from that, […] Read more »

Smart Realtors Vs Savers

Real Estate Photography infographic

Photography is a large part of selling a property. Some real estate agents choose to hire professional photographers to show off their properties while other realtors choose to save money by skipping this process and taking the photos themselves. This light-hearted infographic demonstrates the differences between the smart realtor that hires a photographer and shows off their property beautifully vs the savers that take cell […] Read more »

Top House Buying Tips

House Buying infographic

Planning to buy a new home in the near future? It may seem like an easy decision, but the truth is it’s not. Before you own a new house you have to undergo a process. But you need to pay attention or else you may lose your money. Stressful, right? To help you, here are a few house buying tips in an infographic presented by […] Read more »

House Price Forecast 2017

home prices infographic

This year a lot of homeowners or those planning to buy wonder what will likely happen to house prices. Will they increase or decrease? While there are many predictions, there’s no guarantee what will really happen as changes are inevitable. Nobody knows the future, as the old cliché goes. But if you’re eager to know the possibilities of 2017 house prices, here are some facts […] Read more »

The Road to Becoming a Home Improvement Professional

Home improvement contractor infographic

Building a home requires several different types of contractors to complete. Each contractor plays a valuable role in the step-by-step process. New home building, despite the economy collapse of 2008, continues to grow. But, there are also existing homes that need routine maintenance and upgrades. This is the job of a home improvement professional. Home improvement professionals range from electricians and plumbers to window covering […] Read more »

9 Do’s and Don’t’s of Buying a House

Home buying infographic

Planning to buy a home? Don’t rush. Instead, take your time and do some research. Otherwise, you’ll be regretful in the end. Realize that there are things you need to consider before making the final decision. Here’s an infographic presented by eMoov, which talks about the do’s and don’t’s of buying a house. Read more »