How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real state agen

How do you choose the best real estate agent? Will you choose a traditional or online agent? Traditional agents are also called high street agents and they have more local knowledge of the area and the properties sold. They follow the fixed around the brick-and-mortar premises business model. However, the improvement of technology leads to the birth of online estate agents who are less expensive […] Read more »

Top House Buying Tips

House Buying infographic

Planning to buy a new home in the near future? It may seem like an easy decision, but the truth is it’s not. Before you own a new house you have to undergo a process. But you need to pay attention or else you may lose your money. Stressful, right? To help you, here are a few house buying tips in an infographic presented by […] Read more »

9 Do’s and Don’t’s of Buying a House

Home buying infographic

Planning to buy a home? Don’t rush. Instead, take your time and do some research. Otherwise, you’ll be regretful in the end. Realize that there are things you need to consider before making the final decision. Here’s an infographic presented by eMoov, which talks about the do’s and don’t’s of buying a house. Read more »

A Breakdown of First Time Home Buyers in Australia

Australia home buying infographic

Living the Australian dream includes purchasing your very own house, and getting on the property ladder means that you have secured a place to call home or invested in something for your future. Here is some interesting data as to how people from different states around Australia are planning on getting onto the property ladder and what their priorities are in regard to where they are […] Read more »

5 Step Guide to Buying a Condo in Boulder Colorado

Condo Buying Infographic

Purchasing real estate can be really intimidating, particularly for first time buyers. But the great news is that it’s not as scary or intimidating as first time buyers might think. While the focus of this guide is on Boulder, Colorado, the material is universal, and we hope other first time buyers will be able to use this simple guide as well. Read more »

Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics

Calgary Real Estate Infographic

Homeowners might be a little confused these days and may not fully understand where Calgary’s real estate prices are heading in the coming months. The fifty percent drop in oil prices is quite significant to property owners and many are on the edge of fully understanding the implications that the current economics may have on their property values. Take a look at the infographic below to […] Read more »

Buying Vs. Renting: Where Should You Invest?

Real Estate Investments Infographic

When it comes to property investments, this infographic breaks down a list of the top 30 communities in the nation based on rental yield percentage and rental share of income. Also included are the top 30 metro areas, listed by median house value, median monthly rent, median household income, rental yield percentage, and rental share of income. That’s a lot of great information! We even see, […] Read more »

1031 Exchange: The Ultimate Guide

What is a 1031 exchange? This infographic guide will teach you how to defer your capital gains taxes with a 1031 exchange. It will also cover what kinds of properties may be exchanged, what the 1031 rules and deadlines are, and how to benefit your heirs with a step up in basis. Overall if you own a property, want to own a property and want to do […] Read more »

The Homebuyers Checklist

Real Estate Infographics

Buying a home is no easy task. Understanding the paperwork involved is often cited by first-time buyers as one of the most difficult parts of the process. has compiled an overview of what’s most commonly needed and when during the process. There is a mountain of paperwork but first you need to know if you have the credit. Most people think they can afford […] Read more »