5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Second Home

buying a second home infographic

There are some important things you should be pondering before buying a second home. Nothing’s wrong with buying a second home, if you can afford it of course, but you need to be careful when making this decision. Even if you can afford it, it’s important that you clarify your purpose. This way, you won’t regret your decision. To help you, here are some important […] Read more »

How a Neighborhood Holds Property Value

property value infographic

When buying a new property, don’t choose a neighborhood that is declining drastically in overall property values. Always check the property value estimates to determine which neighborhoods have a good reputation but still suit your budget. One of the biggest factors that determines whether a property will rise or fall in value is its neighborhood. You can check property values in a number of different […] Read more »

House Price Forecast 2017

home prices infographic

This year a lot of homeowners or those planning to buy wonder what will likely happen to house prices. Will they increase or decrease? While there are many predictions, there’s no guarantee what will really happen as changes are inevitable. Nobody knows the future, as the old cliché goes. But if you’re eager to know the possibilities of 2017 house prices, here are some facts […] Read more »

East Village NYC Home Market at a Glance

East Village housing infographic

For the fun-loving artistic types around New York City, the East Village is one of the last bohemian enclaves to be found on the Manhattan island. With prices booming all around Lower Manhattan, the team at PropertyShark decided to take a look at the current cost of renting and buying a home in the East Village, one of the more affordable alternatives in the borough. […] Read more »