Women’s Workout Myths

There are too many myths online about the various “best ways” for women to work out. Honestly the best ways for men and women aren’t all that different. We have very similar bodies.

Did you know that men and women can do the same workouts? Lifting weights isn’t going to make a woman bulk up. Women don’t have the requisite testosterone in her body. It’s perfectly fine for women to lift. In fact, it’s recommended if you want that perfect tone. Did you also know that there’s no way to localize fat burn? If you want to lose some of that belly fat, buying into the latest “belly toning” exercise gimmick isn’t going to do you any more good than just following a standard total body routine.

And yes, while we all have different body types, you don’t need to do specific exercises to fit your body type. This is just a marketing trick and another way of saying “Hey, this is the routine for you!”


Original Source: http://kettlebellexerciseswomen.com/what-the-best-workout-routines-for-women-should-be

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