What Do Internet Users Hide by VPNS?

Technical progress has reached its peak. Today, technology and the Internet rule the world. However, this process has many pitfalls. Is everything safe on the Internet? Let’s rephrase the question. Do you feel safe?

Hacker attacks, unprotected Wi-Fi points, viruses, unsafe URLs. All of this is the reality of today’s web world. Just think of how much of your personal information the Internet knows! Even your browser history will tell a lot about. And think how much you tell about yourself by filling out different forms and answering questionaires. Are you scared yet?

However, thanks to another kind of technology, we have a solution – VPN. You can secure your computer, your information and yourself. But what is VPN? Can we trust VPN and why? Why is it so popular today and what countries like it most? You can find answers on this and other questions here:

VPN infographic

Original infographic provided by BestVPNRating.com.

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