How Weird is Your State?

In honor of the X-Files long-awaited return, this infographic was put together detailing real life “X-files.” Since the world has no shortage of weirdness, it focuses on two types of sightings: UFOs and Bigfoot. Because let’s be honest, those two phenomena are like apple pie; they’re American as the paranormal can be.

North Dakota, with its clear skies and perhaps ample amounts of spare time in the evening, sports by far the most amount of UFOs per capita. And Washington really does love going Beast Mode (h/t Marshawn Lynch), having the most sightings of the elusive Big Foot. And the most ironic turn of all? Virginia is the least paranormal state of all even though X-Files agents, Mulder and Scully both lived there and it was the most common setting for one of their many bizarre cases.

Check out that information and much more in this real life X-Files infographic.

Real Life X-Files By State

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