Is Distracted Driving the New Drunk Driving?

There is a new safety hazard endangering drivers, and it is involved in 80% of all collisions. It isn’t alcohol or drug use, in fact, 70% of people admit to doing it behind the wheel. What is this safety hazard? Using your cell phone while driving.

Distracted driving doesn’t get as much media attention as drunk driving, but new data suggests that it is can be just as risky. In fact, distracted driving increases your risk of crashing by at least a factor of four. Whether you are on your phone, eating, or applying makeup, anything that keeps your hands and brain away from the wheel is a huge hazard.

Next time you feel like you just need to send a text or eat some snacks while driving, remember that there is no way to maintain full control of your vehicle while you are engaging in distracted driving. Keep your mind and your eyes focused on the road ahead.

distracted driving infographic

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