The Smart Traveler Checklist

Millions of people travel every year, with just as many scary/life threatening tales as a result of these overseas adventures. It makes sense to do some planning before departing on your next travel adventure. Australians are avid travelers and 9.3 million Aussies are expected to travel overseas in 2015. This travel infographic focused on Australian travelers, is about being a smart traveller. It provides useful tips and info to minimize costly or unsafe situations abroad. It is based on practical advice from the Australian Government and travel industry data.

A travel checklist is a good place to start to begin planning prior to travel. This can limit the occurrence of problems when overseas, to ensure you get the most out of your holiday or vacation.

By taking care of some practical items before you go, the less likely you are to encounter unwelcome surprises in a foreign country. First up, it is always recommended to research and become familiar with your destination before your board that plane or ship. Also consider booking flights and accommodations in advance. Organize passports and necessary visas, consult your doctor about any immunizations/vaccinations for your destination country or countries.

Traveler Checklist Infographic

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