Industrial Dust Control Prevents Explosions and Serious Hazards

Did you know that a dust explosion occurs every week? Industrial dust control is essential in preventing these situations. A dust layer of just 1/32″ thickness over 5% of the floor can cause a very destructive explosion. As a result of inadequately addressing this hazard, there have been 281 incidents and 119 people killed since 1980.

Furthermore, nearly 2 million US employees are exposed to silica as a result of insufficient dust control in the workplace. Respirable Crystalline Silica is a known human carcinogen identified to cause several serious diseases including Silicosis. Over the last three decades, 15,000 deaths have been attributed to Silicosis.

Industrial dust control is used to prevent these dangerous and deadly situations. Aerodyne’s dust collectors provide explosion proof industrial dust control. The dust collection systems remove particulate as a form of pollution control and particulate reclamation. Often they are installed before a baghouse on a high heat process to act as a spark arrestor. Bring safety and health to the workplace, use a dust collector in your facility!

Industrial Dust Control Prevents Explosions & Serious Hazards: Part 2

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