Do Movie Studios Matter?

Think of some of the movies you’ve seen in theaters in the past year. You can probably recall the genres and themes almost immediately, and probably some of the actors. Do you know what movie studio produced each movie, though? I bet not so easily.

iAcquire and SurveyMonkey wanted to know what affects people’s decisions of whether or not to go to the movies. What they found was that social media tends to impact a person’s views on a movie whereas the movie studio behind it does not elicit much of a response. They discovered a pattern – movie studios create social media accounts for individual movies, post heavily and rapidly gain a following during promotion and release, and then there is an imminent drop off. The account goes dark and people are on to the next movie.

What if, instead, movie studios spent more resources promoting their own social media accounts and created an image and following for their brand? They may then be able to direct people who like the types of movies they produce to become loyal followers of their studio.

Check out the infographic for more insights on what motivates people to go to the movies and why movie studios are failing to capture the attention of audiences.

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