How to Jump Start a Car in 9 Steps

Jumping a car battery is a simple procedure, but you have to do it very carefully. If you make a mistake while attempting to jump-start your vehicle, you could cause an accident. It’s important to take all safety precautions seriously and be prepared.

Whether or not your jump is successful can depend on several different factors. Cold weather can greatly affect a car’s ability to be jump-started. If it’s below freezing outside, give the dead battery extra time to charge once you have it connected. This will help ensure it starts on the first try.

The thickness and quality of your jumper cables is also a concern. The lower the gauge, the thicker the jumper cable. Thicker cables allow more power to flow from one battery to another. The minimum thickness for any jumper cables worth buying is 6 gauge, but at least 4 gauge is recommended.

Simple Steps to Starting a Car with Jumper Cables

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