Go Green When Moving By Reusing, Reducing, And Recycling

The average American will end up moving 11 times in his or her lifetime. This is data from the U.S. Census, and the moves could be from a new adventure, getting married, or a new job.

Each time someone moves, it has a negative effect on the environment. Fortunately, the damage you do depends on the distance you travel when moving. We learn from this infographic:
1. 50% of Americans move a short distance, less than 10 miles
2. 24% of Americans move a medium distance, which is less than 50 miles
3. 26% of Americans do the long haul, and move long distance, which is more than 50 miles

In order to best make your move green, you can start by choosing plastic containers over cardboard boxes. A typical plastic container can be used an average of 400 times, while a cardboard box gets used on average 2.5 times. It takes an astounding 90% less energy to recycling one pound of plastic than to recycle one pound of cardboard or paper.

Reuse, Reduce and Relocate
From: Move Carbon Footprint
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